Thursday, January 05, 2006

Good morning, good afternoon and good night. Welcome to the official blog for Enzymatic Clothing Designs. Welcome to the righteous movement, where good men and women work everyday in hopes to change the world, one molecule at a time. The purpose of this blog is like any other blog out there, the transmission of information through this medium we call www, except there is one colossal difference: our blog represents enlightenment through science, art and music. Really the three staples of my life.

This blog is intended to communicate with the world what Enzymatic Clothing Designs is all about and maybe, just maybe delve a little into what I am about?.. That’s a big maybe. Well until I get past my insecurities, this blog will provide an unbiased, unfiltered, and undiluted perspective into what makes Enzymatic Clothing Designs unique.

Our main object is to induce drastic conformational changes in the world’s mindset with regards to science.

Science is not boring. (Gasp!?) Science is dynamic, it’s beautiful, it’s essential and essentially science is art. That is the focal idea behind all of our designs, every article of clothing we make represent this idea. Science is limited by our conventional definitions that were established in textbooks. We want to start an action potential and transmit the signal to release the enzymes needed to break away from these conventional definitions. Enzymatic Clothing Designs just wants to make it evident to the world that the gap separating science, music and art is not as wide as it first appeared.

So visit our main website Witness what we have to offer. I will continue to update this blog regularly with detailed descriptions of each design and updates on new future designs.

Feel free to also email us at
Sends us any questions you may have with Enzymatic Clothing Designs or even any question about a topic in science. We’ll post the answers to your most pressing question on the blog.

Well what are you waiting for check out the website!


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