Saturday, January 07, 2006

Well fellow students of the trade, it is about that time for the very first time. Nothing is more special than the first time, so I will make sure I take my time with this. If you are still wondering what I am typing about, wonder no longer, I am referring to the first edition of "The Process". This is basically your tour through the thought process behind a certain design. Today we are going to be delving deep into the Photosynthesis design, as pictured above this blog.

So what exactly was going through my prefrontal cortex of my brain? It actually started when I was sitting in biology lab, we were of course talking about photosynthesis and how extremely important it is to our own liveliness. Which it is - if you have not realized this - just think about the fact that all the fresh air we breathe (sometimes fresh? really depends where you live: west side of Oahu very fresh, Southern Cali. not so fresh) and a good majority of our carbohydrates we eat are made during photosynthesis. We, the great and mighty heterotrophs direly and entirely depend on those pesky autotrophs.

Now that you realize how important that tree is outside of your window, I have to admit that I was day dreaming during the photosynthesis lecture. I know the subject is extremely important to life as we know it but since we had just started Enzymatic Clothing Designs, I was more occupied with the thoughts of a unique and fresh first design that will represent our ideology. So there I was sitting there in the cold lab trying to think of a good topic in science that can be redefined or seen through a contemporary perspective.

Then I remember that I needed a new digital camera. Sigh…

Ah ha! PHOTOsynthesis! The answer was right in front of me. In today’s age of fast internet connections, and 70 inch plasma screens and 10.2 MP SLR digital cameras, one of life’s most rudimentarily important processes is forgotten. Photosynthesis is not about carbon-dioxide and water being metabolized anymore, it is about how fast your shutter speed is, how big your LCD display is and what size you can print your pictures at without sacrificing resolution. Photosynthesis has been redefined, this is a new perspective on an old process. And so the first design of Enzymatic Clothing was synthesized.

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Friday, January 06, 2006

picture taken on the west shores of Oahu.. beautiful...

To all the aspiring science students, or the future as I like to refer to us, there is an excellent website where you can get your most difficult questions answered. Whether it is human, animal, or plant biology that is keep you up at night, this website is a great place for the weary to rest their heads and soak up some knowledge. I visit the site on a regular basis, trying to keep the rust off of my brain. So take a look at and keep an eye out for xnabizkox thats me lurking around...

Oh and don't forget to check out for the a great selection of clothes to wear to your next exam, next concert or next first date!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Good morning, good afternoon and good night. Welcome to the official blog for Enzymatic Clothing Designs. Welcome to the righteous movement, where good men and women work everyday in hopes to change the world, one molecule at a time. The purpose of this blog is like any other blog out there, the transmission of information through this medium we call www, except there is one colossal difference: our blog represents enlightenment through science, art and music. Really the three staples of my life.

This blog is intended to communicate with the world what Enzymatic Clothing Designs is all about and maybe, just maybe delve a little into what I am about?.. That’s a big maybe. Well until I get past my insecurities, this blog will provide an unbiased, unfiltered, and undiluted perspective into what makes Enzymatic Clothing Designs unique.

Our main object is to induce drastic conformational changes in the world’s mindset with regards to science.

Science is not boring. (Gasp!?) Science is dynamic, it’s beautiful, it’s essential and essentially science is art. That is the focal idea behind all of our designs, every article of clothing we make represent this idea. Science is limited by our conventional definitions that were established in textbooks. We want to start an action potential and transmit the signal to release the enzymes needed to break away from these conventional definitions. Enzymatic Clothing Designs just wants to make it evident to the world that the gap separating science, music and art is not as wide as it first appeared.

So visit our main website Witness what we have to offer. I will continue to update this blog regularly with detailed descriptions of each design and updates on new future designs.

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Sends us any questions you may have with Enzymatic Clothing Designs or even any question about a topic in science. We’ll post the answers to your most pressing question on the blog.

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